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What are the odds of me winning my case?

I grew up in Las Vegas, so I am familiar with constantly hearing about betting odds and percentage probability of winning and losing. This is much needed information to consider to decide if the reward is worth the risk of placing that bet. So, when clients come in...

La Navidad es tiempo de paz

Cuando se encuentra en medio de un litigio, especialmente uno que es personal para usted, es muy fácil querer lastimar a su oponente cuando más duele. Al igual que la ofensiva Tet, donde el ejército de Vietnam del Norte atacó durante el alto el fuego durante las...

Christmas is a Time for Peace

When you find yourself in the middle of litigation, especially one that is personal to you, it is very easy to want to hurt your opponent when it stings the most.  Just like the Tet Offensive, where the North Vietnam Army attacked during the cease-fire during the Tet...

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