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How can an attorney help you through your divorce?

Your divorce may be a very personal event. While you may find comfort in talking to friends about the emotional upheaval you are going through, chances are you want the final discussions and decisions to involve as few people as possible. This may be one reason why you are reluctant to contact an attorney to guide you through the process.

It is true that hiring an attorney means having more people participating in your divorce as well as costing you money when you already have concerns about your finances. However, there are some important benefits to having legal counsel during this most difficult time.

California parental child abduction: How to rectify and prevent

No two California divorces are the same and some are undoubtedly more acrimonious than others. If you're among those who worried that post-divorce child custody relations would be problematic, you are definitely not alone in your struggle. There's a big difference, however, between not getting along well with your spouse (after all, that's likely part of why you divorced) and facing an emergency situation. If you think that your child is in danger or your ex has committed a parental child abduction, you can reach out for immediate support.

Various support networks can help you get your child back. Whether you have sole or shared custody, no one (including your child's other parent) has the right to take your child anywhere without your permission. Even if you initially granted permission for your son or daughter to go somewhere with his or her other parent, you can expect your ex to bring your child back at the agreed upon time. Post-divorce parental child abduction is a serious matter; there are laws to help protect your rights and your child's safety.

Preparing to file for divorce

When the realization hits you that you cannot carry on any longer in your marriage, you may feel a mixture of relief and anxiety. Whether your marriage was contentious or simply empty, the decision to divorce opens new possibilities.

As eager as you may be to get through the process of divorce and move on with your new life, there are certain factors you cannot rush. In fact, before filing for divorce or even announcing your intentions to your spouse, there are critical steps to take if you hope to enter your post-divorce life with any sense of financial security.

Ending your marriage by filing for an uncontested divorce

The process of ending a marriage is difficult. It is emotionally and logistically challenging to separate two lives, no matter how amicable the two parties may be. While divorce is never easy, there are options that could make the process slightly less complicated. One of these options includes filing for uncontested divorce.

Uncontested divorce is not an option for every California couple, but it could be the most appropriate choice for your individual situation. If you and your spouse agree on all issues and have no reason to further dispute anything, this could be the right option for you. It may be helpful for you to seek a full understanding of your rights and your choices before you move forward with a decision that could impact the rest of your life.

Questions you should ask when consulting a divorce attorney

How long have you been practicing divorce law?There is no substitute for experience. Knowing the judges, the local rules, and opposinglawyers is very beneficial. Having actual trial experience is also invaluable for a divorce lawyer, as is experience in drafting and negotiating Separation Agreements, Pleadings, and Court Orders.

Preguntas que debes hacer en tu consulta con un abogado de divorcios

Sabemos que hablar con un abogado familiar que lleve divorcios puede ser difícil. Aún cuando no haya tomado la decisión de llevar a cabo el divorcio, quizá puede estar buscando información del proceso y de cómo se llevaría su caso. 

Clearing up myths about divorce

As you near the end of your marriage, you may be facing some confusion and uncertainty. This is understandable if you have never gone through this process before. It may also mean that, like many entering this difficult phase of life, you have misconceptions about some critical elements of divorce.

Clearing up those fallacies is important because if you make decisions based on faulty information, you are likely to end up with a settlement that does not provide stability and security for your future. The safest course of action is to meet with an attorney to obtain the answers to your questions; however, the following is an overview of some of the most commonly misunderstood elements of divorce.

Common Legal Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs

Forming a corporate entity may seem like an unnecessary complication, but he reality is that by establishing a corporate structure, whether an S-corp, a limited liability company, a general or limited partnership, or any number of specialized entities, you can protect your personal assets from any liabilities you incur in your business, minimize your tax liabilities, and take advantage of other benefits afforded by the law.

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