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Why Kim and Kanye are Negotiating Prior to Filing for Divorce

by | Feb 2, 2021 | Celebrity

In the mist of the world’s chaos, keeping up with celebrity gossip and news keeps me sane. My absolute favorite celebrity gossip, however, is the one that involves celebrities going through family law issues.

Knowing this, one morning a few weeks ago, my husband broke the news to me: “Kim and Kanye are divorcing. But they are trying to negotiate before filing for divorce.”

Although I am pretty sure my husband has no idea why Kim and Kanye are negotiating the terms of their divorce prior to filing or how the process works exactly, it made me laugh that he worded the news in this way.  I immediately started googling the news and sure enough, every article I read made a point to explain that “Kim wants to file for divorce from Kanye West after settlement deal is finalized.”

Kim’s decision to negotiate the terms of their divorce prior to filing any paperwork, makes perfect sense to me. In California, divorce case files are open to the public. This means that pretty much anyone can go to Court and request a copy of the file. This is how sources like TMZ, and The Shade Room obtain this type of gossip and information.

So, if for example, you file documents in your divorce case, with personal information such as issues you are having with custody, any abusive behavior by the other party, or financial issues, third parties will be able to access this information by simply requesting a copy of the file and paying a small fee for copies.

As the world has seen, Kim and Kanye’s marriage has been in the spotlight lately, on multiple occasions, for Kanye’s public and Twitter rants. Negotiating the terms of their divorce prior to them filing a dissolution of marriage case with the Superior Court, will allow them to flesh out any issues they may be having about either division of assets, payment of support, and custody, before actually filing the divorce paperwork. This will allow for Kim and Kanye to deal with any disagreement in private and once everything is agreed to, they will open a case and likely file documents for an uncontested divorce. When there is an uncontested divorce, there will likely be no need for court appearances.

Unfortunately for us, this will mean that we will likely not get to read all the juicy details of their marriage. But lucky for them, if Kim and Kanye are actually able to pull this off, it will minimize litigation for them, maintain their privacy a bit more, and will likely result in a less costly divorce.

The even better news here is that an uncontested divorce is not only an option for celebrities.  People like me and you, who wish to spend less on a divorce and do not want our dirty laundry being aired out in court pleadings, can also negotiate the terms of a divorce before filing.  Therefore, if you are interested in an uncontested divorce, please contact our office for a free consultation.

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