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Spouses can file for bankruptcy separately

If you are married in California, you do not have to file for bankruptcy jointly with your spouse; there may be situations where it is better for you to file on your own. The best thing to do depends on your debts and your own specific situation. Community property...

How to recover from bankruptcy?

We understand that bankruptcy can be a scary word, however it's not necessarily the case. Bankruptcy can work in your favor if you seek efficient legal counsel. If you choose to use this tool, here are some actions you can consider that can help you reestablish a good...

¿Cómo recuperarse después la bancarrota?

Entendemos que declararse en bancarrota puede sonar difícil y causar temor, sin embargo, esta herramienta puede funcionar a su favor si cuenta con una asesoría legal experimentada. Si decide llevarlo a cabo, aquí algunas acciones que pueden ayudarle a reconstituir su...

Don’t be scared of bankruptcy

If you find yourself considering bankruptcy, don't look at this as a bad thing. Don't run scared. Instead, you need to face your fears, answer your questions, and decide if now is the best time to file. Common Bankruptcy Fears Once you get moving in the right...

5 Companies that recovered from bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is often the end of a company, but it doesn't have to be in every case. The companies in the list above have re-emerged from bankruptcy to become profitable and successful. As an investor, it is useful to note that bankruptcy isn't always the end of the...

5 Celebrities that faced bankruptcy

Celebrities go broke at a monumental rate for a lot of reasons. Divorce, not paying taxes, and bad investments lead the way (which comes as almost no surprise.) Nobody is safe, either. Celebrities that are loved, ones that are hated, those that seem smart and those...

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