A Personal Conflict Calls For A Compassionate Attorney

Requests for a domestic restraining order typically come from a conflict between people who have been personally close in some way. Those who are involved might feel misunderstood, angry and even afraid. If you are in a similar situation, you do not have to fight alone.

These are intense and unpredictable times in your life. You need a compassionate attorney who will fight for your best interests. At Contreras Law Firm, we serve clients on both sides of domestic violence and other related legal matters throughout San Diego County and surrounding areas.

What Is A Domestic Violence Restraining Order?

The domestic violence restraining order (DVRO) is a court order telling an abuser to stop certain actions or face legal consequences. The accuser can request a domestic violence restraining order for the following persons:

  • A parent
  • Romantic partner
  • A current or former spouse
  • Someone who is related by blood, marriage or adoption
  • Someone who is living in the same home

Whether you are seeking a restraining order or trying to prevent one, you should know that there are three types of DVROs a person may request. These types are:

  • Restrictive protection orders — This order is issued if the requesting party or a child are in immediate danger.
  • Temporary — When an individual goes to court to apply for the order, they can ask for a temporary order to protect them until their court date.
  • Restraining order after hearing —— This is the DVRO an individual can apply for after the final hearing. It can last up to five years. In the last three months of the order, they can ask to have it extended to five years or permanently.

Knowledge of the law is crucial in the domestic restraining order process. Our lawyers can guide you in the path to protect your rights.

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