Certified By The State Bar Of California, Board Of Legal Specialization In The Area Of Family Law

What does it mean if an attorney is a Certified Family Law Specialist?

In order to be certified as a family law specialist (CFLS) by the California bar, attorneys must pass an exam and have practiced in family law for a specific amount of time. After being certified as a specialist, the attorneys must taking continuing legal education classes that help them stay up-to-date on important family law cases.

CFLS attorneys are recognized for their depth of their knowledge in handling complex family law matters. Only a select number of attorneys qualify to have this important distinction. At Contreras Law Firm, attorney Elyse Butler has been certified as family law specialist, and is able to assist you with a host of different family law concerns.

Certified family law specialists are not only called upon to help clients get results, but also to shape family law policy in California. Because CFLS attorneys are working day in and day out in the field, they know the issues facing clients, and can recommend changes that make the system better for everyone involved. This helps improve the experience for clients who have family law concerns.

What are the advantages of hiring an attorney who is a Certified Family Law Specialist?

An attorney who has been certified as a family law specialist will have handled many different types of complex cases. This means that your attorney will have substantial experience developing legal strategies that allow you to achieve your specific goals. Your case will be handled by someone who is recognized as being one of the top attorneys in their field.

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