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Helping Clients With Commercial Probate Matters

Many California residents own commercial properties, such as apartment complexes, strip malls, bars or restaurants. These individuals take pride in running their business, but if they pass away unexpectedly, it can be difficult for their loved ones to carry on business as usual.

At Contreras Law Firm, we help families deal with issues related to commercial probate. Our probate attorneys are well-versed in dealing with the various concerns that arise in these cases, and will help you devise a strategy that allows you to carry out your loved one’s final wishes.

Skilled And Timely Resolution Of Commercial Probate Matters

For many businesses, time is of the essence. It is essential that you reach out to a member of our team as soon as possible when you have lost a loved one. We will quickly identify the steps we need to take to ensure that the business remains operational while the process is ongoing. We will then work together with you to address any and all concerns connected to the probating of commercial property, including:

  • Establishing the administrator of the estate
  • Addressing any other immediate concerns that need to be taken care of to ensure that the business remains in operation
  • Determining what happens with the future of the business or property
  • Working together with families to dissolve, sell or transfer interests in a business or property, if necessary
  • Litigating any challenges concerning the distribution of the estate or operation of the business

It is extremely important that you understand how the probate rules affect commercial properties. Any delays that you may encounter can have a severe, negative impact upon the future of the business. We will explain probate to you, and help you understand the things that you must do to ensure that you comply with California probate laws.

Our main goal is to help you minimize the stress that you and your family are experiencing at this time. We know that this is an extremely difficult time in your life, and you can rely upon us to help guide you through the probate process. You can feel confident that we have the skills and experience necessary to provide your family with the assistance it deserves.

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Our probate lawyers welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific concerns. To schedule a free consultation, please call our San Diego office at 619-908-1495 or send us an email using our contact form.

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