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Tips for identifying a toxic marriage

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2022 | Divorce

Not all marriages are meant to last forever. While no one gets married with the intention of later getting divorced, hundreds of thousands of people get divorced every year. One reason for a divorce is to end a toxic marriage, but not all spouses are able to recognize that they are in a toxic marriage. Recognizing the signs of a toxic marriage can help you decide what to do about your marriage, so here are some signs you may be in an unhealthy marriage:

You are in a bipolar relationship

Not all toxic marriages are bad every minute of the day. If your relationship can quickly shift from a happy couple to one that is full of shouting and anger, it may be a good sign of a toxic relationship.

You are emotionally drained

Dealing with an unhealthy or unhappy environment for extended amounts of time is emotionally taxing. If you are constantly feeling emotionally exhausted, your marriage may be what is causing it.

Your friends and family are concerned

Being too close to a relationship can blind you to its problems. If your friends and family are dropping subtle hints about how concerned they are for you or they are directly telling you that they do not like your marriage, they may be able to see something you do not.

You are constantly in a defensive position

If your spouse is a regular aggressor in your home, defending yourself and your actions can quickly become second nature to you. Having to explain your actions, thoughts and feelings all the time is not something that happens in a healthy relationship.

You do not have much control over your life

Over the years of your relationship, it can be hard to notice how little control you have over things. If your spouse is unilaterally deciding your activities, who you hang out with, and your financial decisions, it is a good sign they are too controlling in your marriage.

What you can do about it

Not all marriages are toxic ones, but that does not mean that you need to stay in one. If you feel like you are in a toxic marriage, you typically have one of two healthy choices: try to repair the relationship or end it. In some cases, therapy and counseling are not able to solve things, even if your spouse is willing to go.

If you want to pursue a divorce, consult with a divorce attorney before doing anything. They can help you take the necessary steps before filing for divorce, and also help you resolve things quickly and efficiently.



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