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Changing a custody order after a divorce is final

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2021 | Child Custody

Divorce is going to change things for you and your children in multiple ways. You want what is best for your kids, which is why you sought a custody and visitation order that made the most sense at the time. However, things may be different, and your current order may not match what is truly most beneficial for you or your children. At this point, you may wonder if it is possible to change the terms of a court order. 

There are situations during which it may be possible to secure a modification for a child custody order. The court will always prioritize the best interests of the kids, but each parent and other adults affected by the terms of the order have the right to request a change. If you believe a modification is best, you may find it helpful to learn about how to proceed with this process. 

Are changes best? 

There are specific details you can modify in a child custody and visitation order, including visitation, custody rights and child support. Even if you and the other parent agree to the changes, it is important to follow the appropriate legal steps with the court. There are only specific reasons why a court would grant a modification, especially if the other parent objects to the changes. Some of the most common include: 

  • One parent experienced a significant change in circumstances since the divorce was final. 
  • The current visitation schedule is no longer workable or feasible for the parents. 
  • One of the parents wants to move to another state or a long distance from the other parent. 
  • The kids are older and want to change their custody schedule. 
  • One of the parents continues to miss his or her visitation time with the kids. 
  • There are new circumstances that affect custody or visitation, such as job changes, medical needs, financial hardship and more. 

When making important decisions for the kids, it is always prudent to consider what will be most beneficial long-term. 

Where should you start? 

If you believe the terms of your custody or visitation order are no longer effectively serving your family, you will benefit from knowing your legal options, including the possibility of seeking a modification to your current order. When you fully understand your rights and options, you will be able to make better decisions for your California family. 

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