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Working Remotely at Contreras Law Firm Amidst COVID-19

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2020 | Firm News

As the novel coronavirus has changed our daily lives our law office has been able to seamlessly transition from our office inside of the Emerald Plaza to working remotely.

For years Contreras Law Firm has been a paperless law office. Our paperless system has been better for the environment and helps our office work more efficiently by being able to search large amounts of documents with the ease of Ctrl-F, stay organized in maintaining client files and data security in maintaining electronic versions of documents. This has also afforded our office the ability to access our data remotely and seamlessly, allowing us to continue working for our clients without skipping a beat.

Over the past few years, Contreras Law Firm has also invested in the latest technology to integrate with our paperless system. We have been using WebEx, which is an online cloud-based productivity tool that keeps our team connected, like an internal chat with specific chats designated to each matter so all persons on that team are included. This tool allows us to message team members, upload case specific documents for team members to review with ease and communicate directly with clients, amongst other options. Our team has the ability to be in constant communication despite all working from home, this assist us in continuing our collaboration and strategy discussions amongst our team to come together to give our clients the best representation.

We at Contreras Law Firm are very close and as many of you are probably experiencing, we miss our c-workers. Fortunately, we have been able to stay connected not just for work, but have been able to get “together” virtually to have lunch together, virtual happy hours and myself and attorney Gisela’s traditional afternoon “pepino break time.[1]

Not only are we able to stay connect as a team but most importantly we are able to stay connected with our clients. Our telephone lines are still operational and being answered by actual staff who knows each one of our clients. Our team is still having meetings with clients and each other while practicing social distancing by participating in video or telephonic meetings.  We are always just one phone call away.

Currently, the courts are closed; however, our team continues to assist clients with their cases. We are hard at work in continuing to negotiate possible settlements, if settlement is not likely, preparing discovery to move the case forward, preparing necessary motions and finalize them so they are ready to file as soon as the courts reopen.  We want to ensure we get the soonest date to present to the judge, especially because our court systems will most likely be very backed up.

Because our office has had the technology in place for years to work remotely, we are well equipped to assist our clients and to stay connected. If you’d like to discuss you matter feel free to give us a call for a free consultation, we are only a phone call away.


[1] Pepino break is our traditional afternoon break while enjoying healthy snacks, like cucumbers, i.e. pepinos.

[2] Picture of some of our team’s new remote offices.

[3] Picture of some of the team staying connected with virtual lunch, virtual happy hour and virtual afternoon breaks.


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