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The legal protections necessary for domestic partners

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2017 | Family Law

Marriage is not the right choice for everyone. For some California couples, it is preferable to remain unmarried in a domestic partnership, but it can be beneficial to put some legal protections in place. If you are in a domestic partnership, you would be wise to know how you can protect your interests and enjoy the benefits of legally establishing your relationship.

Domestic partnerships are similar to marriage, but there are several distinct differences between these two types of relationships. Some people choose to register as domestic partners rather than simply live together because of the benefits this step can provide.

Why register as domestic partners?

In California, domestic partners enjoy some of the same protections available to married couples. Rather than just cohabitate, you may wish to consider the benefits that domestic partnership can offer you and your significant other, which can include:

  • The right to take family leave if your partner is sick
  • The ability to get insurance coverage from a family health care plan
  • The right to visit the partner in the hospital or in jail
  • The ability to take bereavement leave if necessary

These seem like relatively simple benefits, but they can be very important should one half of the couple become gravely ill or you need insurance coverage through your partner. There are specific steps that one must take in order to properly register as a domestic partnership. If this is the right choice for you, it can be beneficial to be fully aware of the requirements involved with legally establishing your relationship.

Just as there are steps to legally establishing a domestic partnership, there are things to do in order to dissolve one as well. Simply walking away from a legally recognized relationship is not an option, and you could benefit from knowing what to do in case the relationship ends.

Answers for your family law concerns

Family law issues are not easy to navigate, especially for non-traditional families. If you are in a long-term relationship, you have the right to know the various options available to you. Whether you want to know more about establishing your domestic partnership or dissolving it, you would benefit from a complete explanation of your choices.

There are benefits to establishing your relationship as a domestic partnership, sometimes called a civil union, if you do not want to marry. Marriage is not the only way to establish your union and protect your interests as a couple.

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