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Should you plan for divorce even before you get married?

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2017 | Family Law

There comes a point in every relationship when the couple starts to think about the future. They have to decide if this is the person that they want to spend the rest of their lives with. If so, they may begin making plans to get married and start a family. This is often a very happy and excited time for the couple, and they think about what their life will be like together. They often give little thought to what would happen if the marriage ends up not working out.

Unfortunately, this lack of planning is something that ends up causing many people problems if they have to get a divorce. This can lead to costly litigation over the couple’s assets, and make the divorce much more painful and stressful for everyone involved. This post discusses some of the steps that you can take to avoid some of the issues that can arise during and after your divorce.

Understand the advantages of a pre-nuptial agreement

This is a conversation that almost no one wants to have with their spouse-to-be. It might introduce trust issues that can lead to extensive disagreements between the parties. No matter how unpleasant this might be, it is important to have this discussion before you get married.

A pre-nuptial agreement can spell out exactly what should happen to certain property should you and your spouse get divorced. This can be a huge relief, because the division of marital property is often one of the most contentious issues that can derail even the most civil of divorces.

Know how your life will change after divorce

During your marriage, you and your spouse will both be making contributions to the household. You will come to rely upon a certain standard of living to make things work. When the marriage begins to fall apart, one of you may move out of the house or apartment you are sharing with your spouse. This will mean that the amount of money that you have to work with will diminish significantly.

A solid divorce plan requires that you keep a close eye on your future expenses. You should never make any decisions about property division or spousal support until you know exactly what sort of costs you will have after the divorce is final.

Accept that you cannot do this alone

So many people try to handle their own divorce, and find themselves in a terrible place after it is over. You should contact an experienced family law attorney to help you make these important decisions. Your attorney can offer you guidance and support as things move forward, and stand up for you when things get tough.

If you recently became engaged, we recommend you consulting with a family law experienced attorney to talk more about your situation. If you’re already married and do not have a prenup, you can always consult about a post-nup, which can work just like a prenup. Please contact us for a free consultation, click here to schedule or send a SMS to 619-648-9652.

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