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Does your business need legal advice?

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2017 | Business Law

Many times we have wondered what is needed to make our business a success, however, we often overlook one of the most important elements to achieve the desired success: legal advice. It is generally recommended to acquire this type of advice through a registered law firm to ensure that we are being served by professionals with experience in the field.

Getting legal advice can be an extra expense in our budget, but thanks to the benefits it offers can help us generate much more money than the one we invest in such advice. In addition, it is much easier to solve and classify the legal issues of our business from the beginning, because if we wait more time can be more problematic and much more expensive; and if we are fully aware of the relevant laws and regulations, we will be giving a stronger foundation to our company, as well as showing that the business is built to last and that it has the ability to anticipate and react to any change.

It is also extremely important to obtain legal advice when we are signing leases for commercial premises or any type of property, where we may find ourselves at risk of unexpected increases in rent or hidden charges, or when setting up the structure and direction of the company.

Counseling can help us deal with regulations affecting our business, labor law issues and how to handle disputes, conditions of employment contract for new employees, and also protects our intellectual property and copyrights. It can also help with the legalities of a specific contract for a specific job; and most importantly, we can learn how to protect against bad debts, better understand the legal requirements of our insurance, and establish the terms and conditions for the sale of our products or services.

Another benefit of obtaining legal advice is that if we are involved in a legal dispute and go to court, lawyers will act in our defense; in addition to giving us advice on financial matters, such as taxes, among others.

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