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5 Companies owned by celebrities

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2017 | Celebrity

1. The famous Casamigos Tequila was founded by actor George Clooney along with two friends: Rande Gerber, former model and owner of some of the most influential nightclubs in the United States, and Mike Meldman, CEO of Discovery Land Company. Clooney and Gerber spent a vacation in their homes in Cabo, Mexico when they came up with the idea, this time without a hangover, to create a tequila. The brand claims that the founders continue to test each batch and are heavily involved in the production press.


2. The extravagant singer / dancer Beyoncé, or better known as Queen B, is a partner of 22 Days Nutrition along with her personal trainer Marco Borges. The company, which provides a serving of veg and protein bars, powders and nutrition guides, is based on the idea that a person takes 21 days to break a habit. The concept began in 2012 when Beyoncé and Jay Z announced on social networks that they would be completing a 22 Day Vegan Challenge, inspiring both other artists and “common” people to adopt a healthier diet. This eating plan is often referred to as “The Beyoncé Diet”.


3. The actor and film director Ryan Gosling, now famous for his participation in La La Land, in 2004 opened the Moroccan restaurant Tagine in Beverly Hills with his friend and chef Ben, who has shared her kitchen with Gosling and his colleague Chris Angulo. According to the restaurant’s website, Gosling claimed that Ben’s culinary creations were “the food I want to eat for the rest of my life.”


4. The American singer and one of the most controversial figures in the media, Marilyn Manson owns the brand of absinthe called Mansinthe. The label illustration is a watercolor self-portrait by Manson titled “When I Get Old”. While the drink matches the scandalous personality of the singer, it had very good reception among consumers of this type of drinks, and even with his fans.


5. Since alcohol brands seem to be the way to go for celebrities looking to start a business, the famous rapper P. Diddy could not be left behind. In 2007 the singer formed an agreement with Diageo, the drinks giant, to develop their premium vodka brand Ciroc a 50/50 share of the profits. Diageo said in July last year that sales of its reserve brands in the UK increased by 26%, partly driven by Ciroc.

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