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5 shortest marriages ever

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2017 | Celebrity

1. One of the shorter marriages happened in Saudi Arabia in May of 2016, when the groom filed for divorce minutes after his wedding because the bride refused to leave her the cell phone aside and pay attention to him. After the ceremony, the couple went to a hotel to consummate their marriage, however, the bride wanted to respond to her friend’s text and messages congratulating them on their wedding; it was then when the enraged groom asked her if her friends were more important than him and the bride answered yes. The argument went out of control, so much so that minutes later the man was already demanding a divorce.


2. In 2012, a man in Dubai divorced his wife minutes after marrying her. Immediately after the ceremony the groom ducked out of the courtroom where the wedding occurred to another nearby courtroom and divorced her. The reason? The father of the bride said that the marriage would only take place if his daughter could keep her job after the wedding, the groom accepted the conditions of the man since he felt too committed at the time; however, he tried to solve the problem with his bride but she refused to quit her job.


3. In 2012, Tammy Driver and Nicky Pearce split after only four days of being married, as the boyfriend accused his bride of having been flirting with the best man, beating her up and destroying all their gifts. After the ceremony, the couple enjoyed two days of honeymoon at a seaside hotel; the problems began when they returned to celebrate with the best man and his girlfriend. At some point in the evening, Pearce, already drunk and enraged with jealousy, attacked his wife by taking her by the neck before biting her and breaking her nose.


4. The marriage of pop singer Britney Spears and her childhood friend Jason Alexander lasted only 55 hours. In 2004 Spears and Alexander flew to Las Vegas to celebrate the New Year, but instead of just having a good time, they ended up getting married at the singer’s suggestion. When the “happy” couple shared the news, the singer’s mother and managers strongly opposed it and 55 hours later the marriage was annulled.


5. In April 1967, 65-year-old Ramon Cusi dropped dead shortly after saying “I do” to his bride Esperanza Manapat, who fainted after witnessing what had happened. Not much is known about this couple only that their marriage lasted for a few seconds, according to an article in the New London, Connecticut newspaper The day.


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