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5 Celebrities Who Have Lost Millions

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2017 | Celebrity

1. In his days as an NBA player, Dennis Rodman had a salary of $ 27 million, not counting his advertising deals. After leaving the NBA, Rodman had trouble paying his bills, in addition to the maintenance of his children; which is why he ended up in court for the $ 809,000 he owed his third wife for child support and $ 51,000 for spousal support.

2. At some point, Nicolas Cage was one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors, making $ 40 million a year. Between 1996 and 2011, the actor earned about $ 150 million, however, Cage spent most of his fortune on exotic animals, private jets, mansions and sports cars. In 2009, the actor owed $ 6.5 million in taxes, and was sued by his manager Samuel Levin. Still in 2012, Cage continued to pay his tax debt.

3. In his 20 years as a boxer, Mike Tyson had the amount of 400 million dollars, but this fortune did not last long. In 2003 Tyson filed for bankruptcy with a total of $ 23 million in debt; these debts include $ 9 million to divorce settlements, 13.4 million to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and $ 4 million to the British tax authorities.

4. The exact amount of money that Michael Jackson left after his death remains a mystery. His family estimated that his earnings would have been 40-42 billion dollars if he had not died by the age of 50. However, in 2005 when the singer was sued for child abuse, prosecutors testified that Jackson was on the verge of bankruptcy with $ 300 million in debt and $ 400 million in liabilities. It was said that the legend of pop was a millionaire who spent as a billionaire.

5. In June 2014 it was estimated that Floyd Mayweather made more than $ 100 million in that year alone. His current fortune is estimated at 295 million dollars, however, the boxer has been involved in economic problems. In 2009, he defaulted on a $167,000 car loan and Three years later he filed a $61 million claim in a local bankruptcy case. In addition, the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) said Mayweather owed them $ 50 million in taxes.

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