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Top 5 celebrity lawyers

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2016 | Celebrity

David Boies

Celebrity clients:  Michael Moore, George Steinbrenner, Carly Simon

David Boies is a legendary litigator whose career took off when he defended IBM against antitrust allegations He also represented Al Gore in Bush v. Gore and has teamed up with Ted Olson, his opponent in that case, to fight California’s Proposition 8. He also represented filmmaker Michael Moore during his promotion of the film Sicko; Boies sent a letter to the government suggesting the Bush administration’s criticism of the film may have prompted a federal investigation into Moore’s trip to Cuba.  

He also recently sued Starbucks on behalf of singer Carly Simon.  


Alan Dershowitz

Celebrity clients:  O.J. Simpson, Mike Tyson, socialite Claus van Bulow and Patricia Hearst

Alan Dershowitz–or “Dersh” as some of his students call him– is a longtime Harvard professor and is best known to those under 35 for his participation in the O.J. Simpson trial.  But Dershowitz first became a household name when he lead the appeal of the conviction of Claus von Bulow, who was accused of attempting to kill his wife, Sunny. 


Martin Garbus

Celebrity clients:  Al Pacino, Robert Redford Tom Brokaw, Sean Connery, Richard Gere

Martin Garbus’s client list reads like a Who’s Who of authors, actors and playwrights.  It also includes Miramax and Bloomberg, L.P. and Nelson Mandela.  

The legendary First Amendment advocate made a name for himself when he defended Lenny Bruce against obscenity charges.  He later continued the theme in representing Don Imus. 

Garbus’s decades-long career is full of celebrity and athlete highlights.  He once went after a cigarette maker on behalf of Robert Redford (pdf) and represented Barry Bonds’ ex-girlfriendwhen the FBI allegedly tried to discourage her from speaking to Senator George Mitchell.  


Mark Geragos

Celebrity clients: Michael Jackson, Winona Ryder, Chris Brown and Scott Peterson

Mark Geragos might be the most “famous” of the celebrity attorneys, at least if measured by how often we see him in the news. 

Geragos was hired then fired by Michael Jackson to defend him against molestation charges, but Geragos still testified on behalf of Jackson at trial. He also defended Winona Ryder in the case where she was convicted of shoplifting from Saks.  

A media storm erupted earlier this year when pictures of battered pop star Rihanna were released; the culprit was Chris Brown, who immediately hired Geragos.  Geragos made news by telling CNN that Brown had learned his lesson. 


Allen Grubman

Celebrity clients:  Bruce Springsteen (pictured), Madonna, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez 

“In the entertainment business, there’s one sure sign that you made it: Allen Grubman is your lawyer,” City File said.  

In what would seem like a conflict of interest for anyone else — and is fact fairly controversial — Grubman has represented both A-list artists and the major labels at the same time.  New York Magazine has called him the music industry’s “sole superpower attorney.”  

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