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5 Celebrity dads that lost custody of their kids

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2016 | Divorce

Woody Allen

In the category labeled “Most Obvious,” Woody Allen is another male celebrity who lost custody of his children. To this day, Woody does not have a quality relationship with his children, nor with his ex-partner Mia Farrow, with whom he had adopted the children. As has been highly publicized for years, Woody hooked up with, and eventually married Soon-Yi Previn, an adopted daughter of Mia.

David Hasselhoff

For David, his drunkenness led to the loss of his daughters. His behavior worked against him in more ways than one. It cost him jobs, and close proximity to his daughters. For those who haven’t seen it, and are wondering what exactly constitutes and unfit parent, hop over to YouTube, and remind yourself to blink as you watch it all unfold.

Chris Rock

It was about a year ago that all the noise from Chris Rock’s divorce captured the interest of the tabloids and paparazzi. Chris had been married to his wife Malaak for nearly 20 years, until she made the decision that his marriage was over, and made the bold claim that she would be keeping the children. She never denied her appreciation for Chris as a father, but didn’t want him to enjoy primary custody of the two girls. 

Charlie Sheen

Charlie was married multiple times, and had children with these women. Going back to Denise Richards, the court offered Denise custody of the children, and Charlie was not kind to Denise following the divorce and custody battle. Jump ahead to his marriage to Brooke Mueller, which ended in 2011. The couple share twin boys, and as their marriage dissolved

Alec Baldwin

Was there ever a more public, and embarrassing custody battle than the fight between Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger? They had a public war over their daughter, Ireland. They were both to blame, and they were both jerks about it. They resorted to slinging mud, telling lies, embellishing with their anecdotes and ultimately, screwing themselves when it came to owning a shred of respect from their daughter. Ultimately, Alec cost himself the custody battle when his voicemail calling his daughter some unkind names was released to the public. 

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