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Three of the biggest mistakes people make when going through a divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2015 | Divorce

Every person that has been through a divorce has something they wish they could take back. Fortunately, many of these regrets had little effect on the divorce in general. These decisions did not negatively impact these individuals, and they were able to move past these issues once the divorce has been finalized.

However, there are some people who made serious mistakes during the divorce process. They made poor decisions that threatened the time they are able to spend with their children or left them in a difficult financial position. This blog posting discusses three of the most common mistakes that people make when going through a divorce, and what you can do to ensure that they do not happen to you.

Mistake Number One: Failing To Gather Important Information About Finances And Assets

You may know exactly how much money you have in your checking account at this very moment. But, do you know how much money you have in your retirement accounts? Do you know how much the business that you own with your spouse is worth? Do you know the debts that you and your spouse accumulated during your marriage?

In most cases, the answer to these questions is no – and you need to know this information before you make any decisions about property in your divorce. California is a community property state, and the law requires that each spouse get an equal share of the marital property. If you do not know the value of your assets, you may be unable to get your fair share.

Mistake Number Two: Putting The Children In The Middle Of Your Arguments

Every parent wants to remain involved in their child’s life. In your divorce, custody of the children will be an important issue. Often, couples have extensive discussions trying to reach an agreement over custody and visitation, and these discussions leave both sides upset. In some cases, this may even lead one of the spouses to try to use the children to get back at the other side.

While this is certainly an emotional time, you need to keep the best interests of the children in mind as you move forward. In most situations, the child will benefit from having both parents involved. Focus on finding a custody and parenting plan that is reflective of the child’s needs.

Mistake Number Three: Failing To Realize The Major Changes That Will Happen Once A Divorce Is Official

Most married couples have two wage-earning spouses contributing to the budget of the household. After a divorce, the amount of money available will decrease substantially. Couples going through a divorce need to be aware of this when making decisions during the property division process.

You need to be sure that you set a budget that reflects your current life situation. If you are trying hard to keep the house, you need to be sure that you can actually afford to stay there. If you fail to take these things into consideration, the property division settlement that you reach may not be appropriate for your future needs. This could place a severe financial burden upon your family, making it extremely difficult for you to be able to move past the divorce.

How Can You Prevent These Things From Happening To You?

Countless people have made these mistakes during their divorces. They failed to prepare themselves for the process and this has caused them significant problems once their divorces were finalized. If you truly feel that your marriage is over and divorce is a likely option for you, you need to reach out to an experienced attorney as soon as possible to begin planning the right strategy for you.

Because every divorce is so unique, it is important that you work with someone who can explain and evaluate your specific situation. This ensures that your needs will be addressed and protected as the entire process moves forward. If you try to go through your divorce on your own, you may make mistakes that you will be unable to change.

At the Contreras Law Firm, our attorneys provide the experienced guidance you need at this time. We work directly with you at all stages of the process, so that you always have someone on your side at all times. We know the stakes are high in your divorce. We have seen the impact that this has on families. We are ready to help. 

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