Representing Consumers And Businesses In Claims Involving Unfair Business Practices

There are a number of California and federal laws that protect consumers and businesses against unfair business practices. Parties on all sides of these cases have rights that need to be considered, and having the right legal representation behind you can help to ensure a favorable outcome.

At Contreras Law Firm, our attorneys represent individuals and businesses in a wide array of cases involving various unfair business practices. Whether you are a consumer who has spent hard-earned money on a worthless product that did not perform as advertised, a business whose reputation has suffered because of a competitor's misrepresentations or damaging statements, or a business that is being accused of some type of violation, we provide the effective representation you need.

We understand the dishonest tactics that businesses use to gain customers and defeat their competition, and we know the difference between true unfair business practices and a simple mistake. Our experience representing clients on all sides of these cases allows us to provide much more effective representation in every case.

False Advertising

In California, it is unlawful to engage in deceptive, false and misleading advertising involving the sale or disposition of real property, personal property or services. Any individual, business, government entity or organization that becomes aware of anyone disseminating false promises or engaging in other unfair business practices can bring a civil action to get a court order compelling the defendants to put a stop to the illegal activities. In addition, parties that commit a violation can be required to pay restitution to people who have lost money as a result of the false advertising. These matters may be brought individually or as class actions depending on the number of people who have been affected.

Other Unfair Practices

Even if a particular business practice does not directly violate any specific law and does not involve deception, it can still be found deemed unfair under the law. "Unfair" is broadly defined by California's Unfair Competition Act. The courts have a great deal of discretion to consider the facts of each case and decide whether a particular business practice is harmful to consumers and the business climate as a whole. A practice might be found to be unfair based on the degree of harm it causes to the consumer or to competitors, if it is contrary to public policy, or if the behavior is unethical or immoral, even if it doesn't violate a specific law.

Legal Representation To Oppose Companies Engaged In Unfair Practices

If you are facing a situation involving any type of unfair business practice, contact Contreras Law Firm immediately. We offer a free consultation where you can learn more about your legal options and what we can do to help you. You can reach our San Diego, California, office by phone at 619-908-1495 or send us an email to schedule an appointment with a lawyer.

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