Contract Disputes

Without contracts, business as we know it would probably not exist. Your business undoubtedly has agreements, usually but not always written, with everyone from the utility companies to internet providers to employees to suppliers to retail outlets and countless others. For most small business owners, contract disputes are inevitable which is why it is vital to have an accomplished San Diego contract disputes attorney on hand.

Unfortunately, disagreements between the parties to a contract have been around as long as contracts have existed. Depending on the subject of the contract that comes into dispute, the dispute can disrupt your business operations, cast doubt on your ability to fulfill other contracts, threaten your long term relationship with the other party to the contract, hurt your reputation among the business community and the general population, and ultimately, cost you both damages and legal fees.

The sooner any contract dispute gets settled, the better off you are. The best way to get the dispute settled quickly and efficiently is to work with a team of experienced San Diego contract dispute attorneys, like those at Contreras Law Firm, who understand the tools available for settling a contract dispute. We've reach successful results in hundreds of cases.


The first thing Contreras Law Firm contract dispute lawyers can do for you is to explore the alternatives to court. Emotions tend to flare when the parties disagree on contract performance, but many disputes can be worked out without the need to have a trial in court. Once you tell us all the facts about the contract and the dispute, we'll explore these alternatives to court:

  • Negotiation with the other party to the contract; even if you never come to a full agreement about what the contract required, you may be able to reach a compromise that leaves both parties a little unhappy but with a lot more money in their pockets.
  • Mediation to see if a neutral third party can help you work things out.
  • Arbitration; even if you don't agree with the other party about what the contract requires, you may be able to agree that you will both be better off if the dispute is submitted to an arbitrator.

In all these options, it helps to have the advice of San Diego contract disputes attorneys who know the community and its resources as well as we do at Contreras Law Firm.


Whether the dispute is settled as described above or ends up going to trial, it's important to collect the facts about the contract:

  • Who proposed it
  • Who drafted it
  • What was the general purpose
  • How long did it operate successfully before the dispute
  • What triggered the dispute
  • What communication passed between the parties once the dispute arose
  • Have the commercial circumstances of the parties changed since the contract was signed?

The sooner this information is gathered, the sooner the San Diego business attorneys at Contreras Law Firm can get started resolving the dispute.


It's also important to do a preliminary damage assessment before trying to resolve the case. If you're the party claiming a breach, how much has the other party's breach cost you? We'll work with you and your staff to compile that estimate.

If the other party is claiming that you have breached the contract, how much money is the other party claiming you should pay? We'll perform a thorough analysis of that claim in light of the legal rules that control damages for breach of contract.


At Contreras Law Firm, we're more than happy to help you resolve your contract disputes, but one of the best pieces of advice you can get is to avoid the disputes in the first place. How? Make sure that you have your contracts drawn up by San Diego business lawyers who really understand the field. The more potential problems you anticipate in your contract and the clearer the terms of your contract, the less likely you are to end up in a dispute that disrupts your business and your life.

In other words, contact us before the contract is written.

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