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Four things to do when considering filing for divorce

Marriage is never easy. That being said, many couples reach a point in time where they truly believe that they have exhausted all resources and are left with an incredibly tough decision - should they remain in an unhappy marriage or should they file for divorce? Here are four things you should do if you are considering filing for divorce.

How does social media impact divorce?

Most people with a smartphone are constantly tapped into some form of social media. Sharing cute pictures of kids and pets is simply a routine part of life these days. Some people even use social media to vent frustrations or look for advice. In a divorce case, however, shares on social media can create ample evidence that can be used against one or both parties to affect alimony, child support, child custody, and more.

¿Cómo afectan las redes sociales en un divorcio?

Muchas personas creen que la aparición del internet, redes sociales y nuevas tecnologías han venido a elevar la tasa de rompimientos amorosos, relaciones y matrimonios que aseguran "se han ido a la borda" por el uso de la tecnología. Si bien es más fácil mantener contacto gracias a las redes sociales, también es cierto que es importante saber cómo utilizarlas, sobre todo después de una ruptura amorosa, pues el perfil social de ambos puede terminar a mitad del fuego cruzado y hay que saber qué debe mantenerse público y qué información debe ser privada.

Know How Social Media Affects Divorce

We know the power of social media to affect our lives socially. But it can also affect us emotionally, physically, and even financially during marital problems, like divorce. By monitoring the amount of time we spend online on social networking sites, we can make divorce proceedings less daunting and easier to manage.

5 Steps to Prepare Yourself Financially for Divorce

If you find yourself in this situation and feel divorce is your only viable outcome, you need to take the following steps to protect yourself financially. 

1. Separate your Non-Marital Assets
The dictionary would define Non-marital assets as property considered by the courts to belong to one spouse or another and that which is not available for equitable distribution. Basically that just simply means they are not part of the assets divided in a divorce. 

Understanding How Assets Get Divided In Divorce (Part 2)

It is also very important for you to know if you reside in a Community Property State or an Equitable Distribution State. There are nine Community Property States: Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin. Community Property states consider both spouses as equal owners of all marital property (a 50-50 split is the rule).

Improving your co-parenting relationship

Going through a divorce isn't easy, and when you have children and custody issues to consider that divorce can become more complex. Fortunately, there are things you can do in order to prevent or reduce problems for arising in the future where custody is concerned. Taking care of custody worries and considerations the right way when you're going through your divorce can make your future as co-parents a better one. It can also be less stressful for your children, who are the often the ones who suffer most when there is a custody battle taking place. 

Understanding How Assets Get Divided In Divorce (Part 1)

Dividing the family's property during divorce can be quite difficult, especially if there are significant assets such as houses, rental property, retirement and pension plans, stock options, restricted stock, deferred compensation, brokerage accounts, closely-held businesses, professional practices and licenses, etc. Deciding who should get what can be quite a challenge, even under the most amenable of situations. But, if your divorce is contentious, then this can be especially complicated.

5 Legal Mistakes People Make During Divorce

You have choices about what type of divorce process you use, you can usemediation, negotiation, or collaborative law. If you have to, you can always still fight in court. What's important is that, before you start your divorce, you take the time to learn about your choices, and then choose the divorce process that will work best for you.

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