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Divorce attorneys all over the country are commenting about republican's new tax plan and the impact it will have on divorce processes. The new tax code eliminates tax deductions on spousal support for divorce starting on Jan. 1, 2019. This could mean a rise on divorces for this current year.

Advantages of hiring female lawyer

Family law matters, such as divorce and custody of children, are often very personal and attract high-conflict litigation. That is why many clients strategically select the gender of their lawyer, and despite the opinion of others, this strategy can be beneficial, and more when it comes to hiring a female lawyer.

5 millionaire celebrity divorces

onald Trump and his first wife, Ivana, were New York's most famous couple during the 80s. During their 15 years together, they had three children: Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric. Although Ivana was modeling, she was also very involved in the Trump Organization taking the post of Vice President of Interior Design, working in the emblematic Trump Tower. The European model filed for divorce in 1991 amid rumors that the magnate had an affair with Marla Maples, a former beauty queen from Georgia, who would become Trump's second wife. The breakup was unveiled in 1992 and Ivana is believed to have gotten about $ 25 million from her ex-husband.

5 celebrities that bounced back from divorce

1. Jennifer Lopez is one of the most important and renowned celebrities today, so much is her fame and popularity that is basically known in all parts of the world. Before being recognized for her singing skills, actress and dancer, J-Lo was married to a Cuban waiter, and although the marriage lasted very little, the man tried to extort the singer by threatening to reveal details of their honeymoon. In addition, Lopez was embroiled in a scandal over her breakup with Ben Affleck, followed by a divorce with Marc Anthony. What is impressive about Jennifer Lopez is that none of these amorous failures has stopped her to become a success as a singer, actress and businesswoman.2. Halle Berry is one of Hollywood's most notable actresses, but before that she went through several troubled relationships. Her first husband demanded her for thousands of dollars before she was famous; after her second divorce, Berry publicly stated that she had contemplated suicide because of her bad relationships. Of course, we are all grateful that the actress did not commit any atrocity, since just a few years later Halle Berry became the first African American woman to win an Oscar as best actress in a leading role. Berry is in her third divorce, however, we know she will continue to thrive in her career.

Why is the relationship with your divorce lawyer so important?

Before you hire a family lawyer to represent you in your divorce, you need to understand that you and your lawyer will become partners, for better or for worse, during and perhaps for years after the divorce process. How well your partnership works can have an enormous effect on your divorce and how much you'll have to spend in legal fees. So make every effort to hire the right lawyer. Examine your goals before going to one. Do you want to be generous or nail your ex to the wall? Look to your future and determine what you want for yourself, your kids, and your ex.

5 shortest marriages ever

One of the shorter marriages happened in Saudi Arabia in May of 2016, when the groom filed for divorce minutes after his wedding because the bride refused to leave her the cell phone aside and pay attention to him. After the ceremony, the couple went to a hotel to consummate their marriage, however, the bride wanted to respond to her friend's text and messages congratulating them on their wedding; it was then when the enraged groom asked her if her friends were more important than him and the bride answered yes. The argument went out of control, so much so that minutes later the man was already demanding a divorce.

Military divorce: Ready to give your marriage a final salute?

Like many individuals, you likely consider military service a great duty and honor. While true that military service members should garner respect and gratitude for their actions and devotion to our country, these individuals and their spouses often face considerable stress within their marriages for a variety of reasons. Though the stress and other issues may lead to the end of your marriage, going through divorce as a military family does not have to prove overwhelming.

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