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La custodia de los hijos y los días festivos

Cuando compartes la custodia de tus hijos con tu ex pareja, el calendario de vacaciones puede llegar a ser todo un desafío; incluso, se podría decir que es uno de los más grandes conflictos de custodia que se presentan durante el año. A pesar de cualquier desacuerdo que se presente mientras se eligen las fechas en las que los niños pasarán contigo o con tu ex, es importante recordar que lo único que se debe considerar es la felicidad de tus hijos. Cabe recalcar que la tensión y los conflictos entre tú y tu ex pareja pueden evitarse llegando a un acuerdo que les favorezca a ambos.

Advantages of hiring female lawyer

Family law matters, such as divorce and custody of children, are often very personal and attract high-conflict litigation. That is why many clients strategically select the gender of their lawyer, and despite the opinion of others, this strategy can be beneficial, and more when it comes to hiring a female lawyer.

Why do we like to be female attorneys?

Despite the conception that it's still a man's world, more and more girls and women make the decision to study and engage in one of the professions that has always been dominated by men: become a lawyer. And although this profession has advanced over the years, more support is needed for those women who want to take this path and try to avoid any discrimination against them; that is why today we want to share with you what it is to be a successful female attorney.

Reasons to get a holiday parenting plan in writing

As a recently divorced parent in California, you might be stressing about your first post-divorce holiday season ahead. Many parents face tremendous challenges when they and their children are learning to adapt to new lifestyles. Keeping a few ideas in mind might help you worry less as you build new traditions and move forward to a successful, happy future.

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