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November 2016 Archives

4 Cosas que considerar antes del divorcio

En Contreras Law Firm, tenemos muchos años trabajando con casos de derecho familiar, muchísimos han sido casos de divorcio. Sabemos que nadie se casa con alguien pensando en que se divorciará algún día. Conocemos todo el esfuerzo que significa para alguien trabajar y cuidar su matrimonio, entonces sabemos que cuando alguien llega a la conclusión de que lo mejor es terminarlo, entendemos que no fue una decisión sencilla.

Four things to do when considering filing for divorce

Marriage is never easy. That being said, many couples reach a point in time where they truly believe that they have exhausted all resources and are left with an incredibly tough decision - should they remain in an unhappy marriage or should they file for divorce? Here are four things you should do if you are considering filing for divorce.

Cómo afectan las redes sociales en un divorcio

Sabemos que las redes sociales son parte de nuestra vida diaria. Sin embargo, podrían afectarnos emocionalmente, físicamente e inclusive económicamente durante un proceso de divorcio. Cuidando tus hábitos y el tiempo que pasas en redes sociales puede mejorar considerablemente la relación con tu expareja y todo el proceso de negociación durante tu divorcio.

Know How Social Media Affects Divorce

We know the power of social media to affect our lives socially. But it can also affect us emotionally, physically, and even financially during marital problems, like divorce. By monitoring the amount of time we spend online on social networking sites, we can make divorce proceedings less daunting and easier to manage.

Division of property isn't so simple

Assets get more and more complicated the deeper you look. In splitting marital property the suggestion is a 50-50 share, but making an equitable division doesn't often work in the real world. Sure, you can split a pile of cash two ways, but a house or a retirement fund are different types of investments with different regulations. It's not just the value of a house on the market or the total of your Roth IRA, there are transaction fees and taxes that significantly alter the numbers on your statement.

Improving your co-parenting relationship

Going through a divorce isn't easy, and when you have children and custody issues to consider that divorce can become more complex. Fortunately, there are things you can do in order to prevent or reduce problems for arising in the future where custody is concerned. Taking care of custody worries and considerations the right way when you're going through your divorce can make your future as co-parents a better one. It can also be less stressful for your children, who are the often the ones who suffer most when there is a custody battle taking place. 

6 formas de prepararte para el divorcio

En otro blog, hablaremos de las cosas que debes tomar en cuenta para tomar la decisión antes de solicitar un divorcio. Una vez que la decisión ya está tomada, te recomendamos las siguientes acciones para preparar tu regreso a la vida de soltero.

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