Seeking Updated Divorce Orders That Reflect Current Circumstances

Everything changes after a divorce. Your entire life is going to be different, and you really may not have any idea what to expect. Because things can be so uncertain, there may be times when you will need to revisit the agreements made during your divorce due to a significant change in circumstances.

These post-divorce modifications are not always possible, so you should seek the assistance of a qualified lawyer to learn more about your options. At Contreras Law Firm in San Diego, we represent clients on both sides of post-divorce modifications. Whether you are the party seeking the modification or the party wishing to challenge one, our attorneys are prepared to provide the representation you need.

Is Modification Possible In Your Case?

Most modifications require careful analysis to determine the best approach to take in a given situation. Four main issues are resolved as part of a divorce that often become the subject of a post-divorce action:

  • Child custody modifications — A custodial parent may need to relocate to another city or state, demonstrating a significant change in circumstances. Or something else may have changed to warrant changing custody orders.
  • Child support modifications — A parent may have changed jobs, leading to less income available to meet existing support awards.
  • Spousal support modifications — There may have been a remarriage or adjustment to a person's income that requires alimony payments to be reduced or ended.
  • Property division modifications — Courts in California are hesitant to revisit property division agreements absent a showing of fraud.

If you believe you need to modify your divorce decree, do not hesitate to contact the attorneys at Contreras Law Firm to determine the options available to you.

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