Representing A Variety Of Clients In Complex Paternity-Related Issues

Sometimes the identity of a child's father may be unclear. Identifying a father can be important for many reasons. On one hand, it will allow a mother to seek child support. On the other, it allows a father whose parental rights are being denied to prove his relation and have access to his children.

The circumstances surrounding paternity cases are often emotional, and disputes can become quite contentious. No matter what your connection to a paternity case may be, it is important that you have quality legal representation behind you from the start. At Contreras Law Firm in San Diego, our lawyers represent clients on all sides of paternity cases.

What Happens In Paternity Suits?

A paternity suit can be filed by either the mother or the alleged father. A DNA test may be performed on all parties to determine whether the alleged father is related to the child. Common disputes in paternity suits include the following:

  • The amount of child support the parent should receive
  • The type of custody agreement that will be in place going forward
  • The amount of parenting time that the father will be able to spend with the child

It is extremely important that both parties take these matters seriously. For example, if a father does not respond to the suit, courts may assume he is the father and require him to pay past-due child support.

A mother cannot prevent her child from visitation with the father, especially after a paternity test confirms that he is the biological father. California courts often rule in favor of joint custody in child custody disputes, meaning that both parents have equal access to the child.

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