Diligently Pursuing A Fair Division Of Marital Property

As a community property state, California law requires that each spouse receive an equal share of the marital estate. The marital estate consists of all property that was acquired during the marriage. There may be questions regarding what should be included in your marital estate, and it is wise to have an experienced lawyer representing you from the outset.

At Contreras Law Firm in San Diego, we have decades of combined experience handling of property division matters, including the estates of high net worth couples. We can help you resolve disputes over community and separate assets as a foundation for the rest of the process.

Dividing The Marital Estate

You may think that you can divide your property without an attorney. Your spouse may have proposed an agreement that you think is fair, but know that this is often not the case. You need to know what you are entitled to receive before entering into any agreements, because it can be impossible to revisit this part of your divorce.

Issues we can assist you with include:

  • Helping you discover the full value of all assets subject to division
  • Determining what will happen to the marital home, the equity in the home and remaining mortgage debt
  • Assessing the value of any item, such as a vehicle, that cannot be divided between the spouses
  • Reviewing retirement accounts to learn what was contributed to the accounts during the marriage
  • Working with experienced financial professionals to determine the value of any business interests owned by one or both spouses
  • Discussing what will happen to any credit card debt or other debts accumulated during the marriage

Our experienced lawyers are here to provide you with strong representation throughout this process. Whether we can negotiate a settlement or need to go to court, we are ready to help you. We have handled hundreds of contested property division cases inside the courtroom for our past clients.

Free Consultations Available

You can trust your marital property concerns to the attorneys at Contreras Law Firm. We work tirelessly to ensure that our clients receive what is just and fair under California law. Contact our San Diego office today by calling 619-908-1495 or sending us an email to arrange your free consultation.