Effective Litigation Strategies That Protect Your Company's Business Interests

If you are doing business in California, the possibility always exists that you will either need to initiate litigation against another party or find yourself the target of it. In either case, you want to be sure you have representation from the most capable advocate available.

All business people who have been through the experience, regardless of whether they were suing or being sued, will tell you two things:

  • It is a time of remarkable anxiety and uncertainty.
  • Make sure you have good, experienced business litigation attorneys who not only understand the law, but how the lawsuit affects you.

In San Diego and the surrounding area, the attorneys at Contreras Law Firm have been recognized repeatedly as dedicated and experienced litigators. By knowing how and when to keep our clients informed about the progress of their cases, we are able to minimize the anxiety and uncertainty they experience.

Litigation Affects Your Whole Business

Litigation may affect your entire business operation. A breach of contract dispute may end a longstanding commercial relationship, for example, while an employee lawsuit affects staff morale and has the potential to injure you with prospective employees. In cases involving smaller businesses, the company's very survival can be at stake.

In all cases, your business will have to take time and money to begin preserving the documents and electronic information that may become subject to discovery by your opponent in the case. At Contreras Law Firm, we understand how widespread the impact on your business can be. Our experience can help to avoid problems before they occur.

Understanding The Economics Of The Case

Litigation is expensive. Complex or lengthy litigation is even more expensive. Litigation that is both complex and lengthy is more expensive still.

Good, experienced business litigation lawyers know, long before the case reaches a courtroom, you need to understand the basic economics of the litigation. That process requires input from you as well as experience, foresight and patience on the part of your attorneys.

Some of the important economic issues you need to discuss with your attorneys are:

  • The fees for your business attorneys: charges and payment expectations should always be clear
  • The financial condition of your opponent: this affects numerous aspects of the case, including the opponent's ability to fund a protracted lawsuit and to pay any damages that result, and the likelihood that the opponent will be interested in settling
  • The potential range of recovery if you are suing: there's too much uncertainty at this early stage to identify a precise amount, but even an estimate can help put your dispute in context
  • The potential range of liability if you are being sued
  • The impact of any insurance that may apply to the case, which will vary tremendously, depending on the specifics of the dispute

It Takes A Team To Be Successful

Most business litigation requires the expertise of other professionals, including accountants, investigators and experts in the field of law that governs your case. There is often a need for document storage, production assistance and other issues. Contreras Law Firm has excellent working relationships with and access to the resources in the local San Diego litigation support community, having successfully coordinated their efforts over the years.

Local Really Is Better

Even if your business is located elsewhere, you benefit from local counsel. As local litigators, we have appeared in the same courts, before the same judges, as your case will involve if it occurs in the San Diego area. That matters a lot both in terms of understanding local procedural quirks and in anticipating how the court will approach matters of discovery, continuances and so on.

Act Sooner Rather Than Later

The earlier you get legal help, the better off you will be. If litigation seems to be a real possibility, it's definitely time to get legal counsel. If you have received a complaint in a case in the San Diego area, you're already playing catch-up; there are time limits on your response. Call our experienced business attorneys at Contreras Law Firm to schedule a free consultation.

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